What has come before.

Former Years
1372 Year of Wild Magic

1373 Year of Death: A Divine Atropal is set free of its prison. It begins marauding across Faerun destroying whole cites and raising an undead army. Culminating in the complete destruction of Waterdeep!

1374 Year of Alliance: Many of the world’s mighty hero’s and villains gathered at the Conference of the Planes. Here they made agreements to gather their forces to meet the armies of the Atropal.

1375 Year of New Gods: A vast battle occurred in the Desert of Anauroch just southwest of the Scimitar Spires. The battle raged both on land and in the air as a vast floating citadel appeared. Vast numbers on both sides were wiped out in a giant cataclysmic explosion. The desert sand at the heart of the explosion was left as a sheet of glass. As of yet there is no knowledge as to what caused this massive destruction. The Atropal is defeated within the floating citadel by the hero/outlaw band, Order of the Locust.

Four new deities have appeared although only two of them are gaining prominence.
The Rat is just that. He is a small rat dressed in black robes with a cowl carrying a scythe and riding a raven. He is aligned with Mystra and followers her devoutly. His followers protect arcane spell casters as they travel. The head of his church is Sir Mor’Ladim, an epic level Paladin.

Pertho loosely follows Tymora. Not much is known about what he looks like as he is never seen, even when he is there. He has a few followers. They are generally scouts and rogues. There is little actual dogma for is followers beyond collect items of interest, trust to luck, and don’t be seen.

1376 Year of Regrowth: The people of Faerun try to rebuild what has been destroyed. Vast areas are depopulated and empty. Undead roam the land in hordes. There are many political and power vacuums that are being filled by many different factions.

A band of adventurers with ties to a Merchant family in Sembia manage to claim the long offered Dutchy of The Stonelands from Cormyr by building a large citadel and defending the area north of the Stormhorns. As of yet, it is unclear how this was performed nor the source of their might and wealth.

With this Cormyrian Dutchy essentially held by a Sembian family, there is no telling what the future may hold.


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